Audi Fuel Distributor BOSCH 0438101006 | 4000 Quattro-5000-Coupe, GT

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Bosch 0 438 101 006


4000 Quattro 1984 - 85 - 86 - 87

5000                   1985 - 86

Coupe GT          1985 - 86 -87

Used in VW KE-Jetronic fuel injection system 

Valve included. Please pay attention to manufacturing dates. Your distributor must be the same as the one in the picture to fit correctly. We sell parts by part number. For detailed information about adequate fitment to your car, contact us, or consult your dealership’s spare-parts department. 

Before you buy this item be sure,  you have correctly diagnosed your car's issue; you should know KE–Jetronic Fuel system is a reasonably complex system. Assembly and installation of this part recommended, be done by qualified personnel with proper tools according to OEM specifications.

The photo is the actual product.